Thursday, February 2, 2012

For Real Though?

For those of you who don't know me... I'm a public health goon. I love the theory; I love the practice.

With that said, I have a particular interest in public health campaigns. How they are created, how they are funded, and who gets to design them are questions that are constantly swirling in my mind. And sometimes, the swirl comes to a boil when I feast my eyes on bullshit like this:

Like, yo....what the fuck? For real? If we are going to try to tackle obesity then we need to do it in a way that does not marginalize, demonize and dehumanize fatty bodies. (For the record, no hate when I fatty...I love a booty with a little jiggle).

Why is it that we constantly, incessantly want to believe that fat = bad. How many fucking times have you heard someone (boy, girl or trans) say 'I'm so fat.' I fucking can't stand it. Not only does it make you uncomfortable because now you've suddenly been propelled to defend someone's self-confidence but... you can't help but think, shit...'am I fat, too?'
EVEN if you don't think that being fat is bad, it's portrayed in such a negative light that you internalize these body-shaming mantras. So when you see an ad like this, that implies fat = bad and wrong and ugly, you start to see yourself differently. You start to distance yourself from other human beings. You might think, 'pfft, thank God I dont like that...' Or 'I can't stand myself... I look like that.'

There is nothing inherently wrong with a fat body in the same way that there's nothing naturally beautiful about a thin one.

I wish that public health folk would try a little harder. These campaigns are simply not effective.

What do you all think of these ads?

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