Friday, December 9, 2011

Back to My Escape

Guess who's back in the muva effin house! (cyber shots if you get the song reference)

I'm back y'all and it feels fantastic. Ya miss me? Cause I've missed you all.

While I've been slaving over the computer finishing up my first grad school quarter, I've also been keeping track of posts that I plan on  putting up here as soon as I stop partying. Expect some humor and some internet goodies. So here goes:

  1. Web Junk of the Week- This I will hopefully have done by tomorrow actually. (I blame the antibiotics I'm on for not allowing my to drink. Stupid sinus infection.
  2. Throwback Tuesday- Since Le Chele has been dropping the ball lately, I have a few throwback posts waiting in the basement to make ya groove, reminisce, and learn a few things.
  3. My response to the Safe Sex Commandments - I agree with most of them, but I have to speak my piece on one or two.
  4. The promised Fiore Scott Files: When You Touch My Hair Part 2
  5. Fiore Scott Files: Retro Video Games (Part 2)
  6. Why I Give- This topic has been on my mind for a while now and I want to post about it and see how others feel. 
  7. Introducing: Drink of the Week- I like to drink. Sue me.

I'm back for now. I might have to take another hiatus when my finals hit for my next quarter, but I'll be around for a minute and hopefully regularly providing you all with entertaining and informative posts. And please, if you have any questions, comments, or have post suggestions feel free to get at us at And for those of you who have already contacted us, we'll be hitting you up soon if we haven't already. And thanks to all the commenters! Keep em' coming folks.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

On the Verge of a Breakdown?

Do you ever feel that you're about to breakdown?

Like, fall into a ball on the floor and just sob for an unknown amount of time?

Or, just turn to the random, disinterested person next to you on the subway platform and let them know that you're 'fucked up right now.'

Ever want to just press the 'Emergency STOP' button in the elevator and alert all the passengers to how shitty how life is at this very moment?

I've been there. For reals. And you know what? Just go ahead and cry! Thrash around in your bed! Spill your peas damnit! Because life is unfair, and hard and just sucks!

I'm a big believer in breakdowns. Every time I have one it is followed by clarity and necessary decision making on things that I've been putting off. My only advice would be to stay away from the bottle or pipe.... yea, I know that might be even harder...

We need breakdowns because:
We need reminders to trust in our life process. My breakdowns are caused by my anxiety and my need to be in control. When a bunch of shit happens that I can't control I freak out and get really negative... I assume that I know everything, that I have all the answers and when I come up short get really anxious....because I have lost faith in the process of life that I never had control over.

OK. Remember playing with the BARS at the jungle gym. In all of our recess excitement, running as fast as we could (without throwing up) to jump & reach for a bar and simply miss. The moment when your face falls, your stomach drops and your tallest finger barely grazes the bar... yeah. that feeling. The 'oh shet!' feeling. You didn't know what to do, what would happen were simply midair.

You know what happened next??

You fucking landed and were fine. You landed on YOUR own two feet. Everything you needed to rely on was already with you. Sometimes, in our harshest and most isolating moments, we need to remind ourselves that we will ALWAYS be there for ourselves and ALWAYS have our own backs. You have to be your own best friend. I really believe that. And when we are breaking down because we didn't reach the bar we thought we would--- we must remember that it is all momentary. That moment, just like all other moments, will pass. And so will your breakdown.

Have a Wonderful Night!
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