Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Lost Icon: Whitney Houston

Ladies and Gents. I am still reeling from the news. When Le Chele texted me asking me if I had heard about Whitney...I just never imagined. I had just seen pictures yesterday of her leaving a party. She looked so full of life. Folks, you just never know the day or time.

Many youngins who don't know Whitney Houston and what she brought to not only black culture, but also music culture in general, may only remember the drug-addled part of her life. Unfortunately this is what has taken center stage in her characterization, even more so than her amazing vocal talent. And it's a damn shame.

I remember growing up just in love with "I Want to Dance with Somebody" and "I Will Always Love You". She had this ridiculous voice that I would try (and still do) to mimic and her music was the epitome of the best.  Her rendition of the Star Spangled Banner has yet to be topped, her movie "The Bodyguard" remains one of the best showcasing of her vocal (and acting) talent- creating some of the most passionate and beautiful ballads ever, and barely anyone in the current music sphere has come close to her delivery and talent.  She is one of the best. We are all sadden at such a surprising departure and I can only shake my head and send my prayers out to her family and hope that she has found peace.

"Star Spangled Banner"

"I Have Nothing"

"I Love the Lord"

"I'm Every Woman"

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