Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cooking for One: Top Sirloin

What's going on ladies and gents?! I'm going to premise this post by saying, for some reason, even with all the grad school work I have to do, I've been finding time to actually blog. It's surprising. Because I seriously thought (and even said) that I would be M.I.A. Maybe my time management skills have gotten better. More than likely, this is just another way for me to procrastinate.

That being said. I've been sitting on this post for a while since my girl Zipporah said she would be starting some Cooking For One posts. I've been waiting for her to deliver but as of yet...nada. Yeah I'm calling you out girl. Throwing mad shade your way.

Just playing. She's been busy so I'm going to hop onto her train and get this thing moving. That being said, my cooking for one segment focuses on preparing and cooking that perfect piece of top sirloin. 

Now I'm a cooker. I will readily admit and boast that I can throw down in the kitchen, any day of the week. I learned from my grandmother and father mostly, and have used my teachings well. I experiment and create fantastic recipes from scratch. And since I'm a huge fan of meat, specifically a good ass rare steak, I take very good care to make sure I don't mess up when it comes to cooking one. 

Step One: Wash that sucka. Now this should go without saying. But I've met some people who don't understand this concept and will slap the meat straight from the package right onto the pan. False boss. I won't be touching your food [1]. Also, depending on how much time you have or are willing to spend, you can also brine the steak. Just set the steak in a salt/water combination for a good hour or 2 before cooking, and the tenderness will definitely be a pleasant surprise. 

Step Two: Ingredients ingredients ingredients! It's all about the seasonings. 

This time I chose to use of combination of sea salt (remember not to add as much as you would regular salt, probably a 1/3 will do), onion powder, Weber Chicago Style Steak Seasoning, and some savory. Umm Umm good. For this particular steak I put each ingredient on one side and on the other I only put the Weber. 

Step Three: Have the right pan! So I've learned the secrets of grilling from my father. We are a big grilling family. He has a huge barrel grill in the back and has even grilled and smoked meats many times during the winter. It's fantastic. That being said, I chose to use our grill pan in order to make sure my piece of top sirloin has grill marks. 

Beautiful ain't it.

However, you can use a regular fry pan as well. Just make sure to add enough oil (I prefer either olive oil or canola) so that it won't stick!

Step Four: Cook that sucka! Now as I mentioned above, I fucks with the rarer side of steaks. I like my steaks bloody and the cow still mooing when it's on my plate. I find it to be oh so delicious when I can dip my steak in the juices, like a sauce. So I chose to cook it for about 3 minutes on each side at medium-high temperature. It is a thick cut steak so I allowed for a bit extra time. However, most prefer their steaks a bit dryer, so allow for a longer cook time. And if you can't gauge the temp of the steak/if it's cooked to your preference, just cut into it while its on the pan. We're not gourmet chefs folks; do what you gotta do. 

Step Five: Plate it and enjoy. 

Yeah, I realized that the steaks are not one in the same. I made two steaks that night but they both came out with the same taste and look, just a lil different in size. And you can choose how fancy you want to plate your food. That night I was ravenous, so I slapped my steak onto the plate and then commenced dying over how yummy it was. It was definitely the best homemade steak (that was not grilled/bbq'd) I've ever had. Sorry dad, I win. 

And there you have it peoples. Simple top sirloin. It took me about 10 mins total with preparation (as I chose not to brine it) and cooking. It was so tender, perfectly rare, and perfectly seasoned. I was in heaven after each bite. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did. Get to nomming!

[1] Same goes for not washing vegetables. I know this one woman who just takes the mushrooms, dirt and all, chops them up and goes with it. HELL TO THE NAW. Wash my shit. If I wanted dirty food, I'd eat out of a damn dumpster. That is not the business. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Favorite Web Junk of the Week

So I've decided to introduce a new featured post: Favorite Web Junk of the Week. Now by "Junk" I don't necessarily mean that it is anything bad. On the contrary, I'm usually highly entertained by it and think you will be too. It's just a general term. Thus, I intend to share with you the various blogs, tumblers, memes, viral videos, and pics that have made it into my inbox, convos with friends, and my web browsing while I'm at work.

1. First up this week is a fantastically entertaining picture my bestie Eun sent me:

Take a look. Keep looking. Figure it out yet? 

Yeah, it's hilarious.

2. Dear Big Sean, I really can't stand most of your music, but you sure know how to make some damn catchy songs. Tell em Le Chele: I DO IT! 

I actually mostly like this song because of Nicki Minaj. #Pause

In all seriousness, I never thought I would actually say that. I mean, since mixtape Minaj was basically swallowed up by her own ass, I haven't really rode with her music like that, nahmean? I mean I played the fuck out of Itty Bitty Piggy but I haven't really liked any of her other stuff except for Super Bass. But I finally recognized that she just isn't really hip hop. She's pop, so I allowed myself to somewhat enjoy her stuff. That being said, I really don't understand why I enjoy this song like I do. When it would come on the radio I would turn it off, but after watching the video, I have replayed it at least 10 times in the past 2 weeks. That's not normal. #ASS 

3. Next up is this fantastic site called Yo, Is this Racist?, which I immediately had to start following. It is very simple in its deliver and makes for some solid laughs. Shout out to Eun once again! Here is an example of some of its content:

billowy asked: Japanese afro cookie packaging “Black Melon Pan”

Yo, obviously. And that cookie looks wack as fuck, too.
billowy asked: Japanese afro cookie packaging “Black Melon Pan”

Yo, obviously. And that cookie looks wack as fuck, too.

Seriously, take some time out at work and allow yourself some laugh therapy. This guy is spot on with his commentary.

4. Rounding out my list is definitely one of the funnest websites found on the internet. Now, don't be one of those who confuses this genius with the actually Ghostface Killah (who is his own genius). Mr. Cocaine Biceps and the legendary Wu rapper are not one in the same. But that's the point. Take a look at dude's review of Drake's new album Take Care.

His delivery will have you rolling on the floor with laugher, literally. My favorite posts are definitely his lists of Softest Niggas in the Game. And the way BigGhost goes in on Drake is just too phenomenal. He even said: "This niggas heart got a ponytail". DEAD ON ARRIVAL.

Dude has a gift.

So definitely check that site out for some good old hip hop infused humor. Be warned it is definitely some straight #niggashit

Aiight. That's it ladies and gents. These are my 4 favorite web junks of the week. All (except number 2- I'm still trying to wrap my head around why I like this video) have had me at work dying. On some my coworkers looking at my cubicle and asking if I'm alright, type of stuff. I hope you enjoy as much as I have. And definitely fell free to email the ladies me any good web junk you come across. Humorous, sad, thought-provoking, anger inducing, or even a lil frightening will work. Hit us up at Hey, you might even get a shout out. Word to your mother.
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