Thursday, July 7, 2011

Salute to Me: Happy Birthday Beautiful

Yes I just saluted myself. Yes I did just call myself beautiful. And yes it is my birthday [1].

As I'm typing this I've just finished putting my funfetti cake in the oven and am preparing to head to the hotel room Zipporah Pearce, lemonswithsalt, and I booked for the night. We are going to go out clubbing somewhere or maybe even stay in and have girl time. I just know liquor and ridiculousness will be involved. You jealous Le Chele?

Today is my day, dammit, and I'm going to party like i have a job there's no tomorrow. My theme song for today is this lovely throwback. This is my jam and it is The Jam. Ain't it funky.

As we slowly make our way to 5000 views and continue to gather subscribers, I want to thank all of you readers out there for taking time out to read and comment on our blog. I get warm fuzzies everytime I see the hit counter go up and that people actually appreciate what I have to say. So thanks. Us three ladies will definitely toast to you guys and gals tonight, so I hope you will keep escaping with us.

I gotta give a shout-out to my lovely parents, siblings, uncle, grandfather, cousins, friends, and even to the randoms who sent me facebook well wishes. I wouldn't be what I am or where I am today without their support, pushiness, love, friendship, and presence. I'm 23 years young. I don't feel any older and I even lost a few pounds. I'm headed to grad school in September and I have high hopes for a job. Some money in the bank and a cake in the oven [2]. So life is good.

Happy Birthday to all my fellow Cancers out there (like my lovely lil bro who woke me up with a kiss on the cheek). And Happy Birthday to me. I thank God for another year and for all the blessing I'm sure will come.

 Have a lovely day folks! Peace!

AN: It's been a slow few weeks. It's the summer so the four of us are out enjoying the weather. So the posts have been few and far between. But bear with us and me. We'll be back with more to say soon. And look out for a special 5000 hit post!

[1] It's also Ringo Starr's birthday. So happy birthday Ringo!!!
[2] Not to be confused with bun in the oven. Ain't no babies coming from over here anytime soon without a ring and my own place. Can I get an amen?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


One of my favorite topics of discussion in the world of rap is the debate about who is the best rapper/ lyricist. Youngins whose balls have yet to descend often say Kanye West or Lupe Fiasco. Old school heads who once rocked asymmetrical flat tops, shiny Addidas jump suits and Kangol hats will say Big Daddy Kane, Rakim or MC Lyte. For Negrohemians obsessed with consciousness, like yours truly, the honor goes to Mos Def*, Talib, the Tribe or De La Soul. Generic ones who know no better say Biggie, Tupac, Jay-Z or even worse, Eminem.

Truthfully speaking, we all have different tastes and hip hop is too varied to have a title for best rapper. And what are we judging when determining a rapper's goodness? Is it their ability to create quality records that are consistently successful? Focusing purely on lyricism and delivery, it is surprising that Method Man is not given more recognition when discussing possible hip hop greats. His raspy voice and easy going flow allowed him to be featured on many hit singles from other artists during his extensive career. His rhymes are raw and always fresh. So for this week's Throwback Tuesday, I am giving the M.e.t.h.o.d. Man an honorable mention for one of the game's best.

I knew the lyrics of this song when I was 6 years old.

He started out with the WuTang Clan in 1993, he was one of the group's more visible members. He dropped his solo LP Tical a year after featuring the hit singles "All I Need" and "Bring the Pain." However, I prefer the songs he made when he teamed up with Red Man with my favorite being 'Da Rockwilder.' An unapologetic weed enthusiast, his lyrics are typically street-themed like the other 95% of rappers. But unlike 95% of other rappers, he is really good. And yes, Joe Budden, you are a part of that mediocre majority.

This song is BANANAS!!!!

*Mos Def is the best rapper alive.

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