Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ma, am I still oppressed?

I got it.
I have a vag, am black, first generation American, dark skinned, nappy headed etc. I'm oppressed. Aight. Check, check, check.

But Im really, really into my social categories and am proud to be what and who I am. With that said, I'm tired of reading how fucking oppressed I am. That i will never find fairytale, ever lasting, can't believe it's not butter, zale commercial love. Or that my babies will be messed up no matter what. It makes me feel crazy! Can anyone else relate?

I think the constant negative media attention black women receive is yet another force/expression of our structural oppression. The CNN articles, the MTV shows, fucking BET! All of it is just a psychological game to make us see ourselves as less than what we are. Because if we feel that we are less, we demand less, want less, and take shit! And it's not just black women who deal with this, it is every non normative being (fat, colored, gay, foreign etc.) out there who experiences this double consciousness.

If I stuck to the mainstream media I'd feel like a piece of dookie. I feel invisible because rarely do I see representations of nerdy, slightly socially awkward, non bitchy, black chicks, I'm so happy that Issa rae is around and creating the awkward black girl series! Finally someone who looks like me, whose experiences I can relate to. Images of happy black women, of quiet and sometimes shy black chicks. Images of, dare I say it.... Black nerds.

Do you all know of an artist who is producing material that you want to see? Someone whose work is inspiring? Well tell me about them and spread the word. We have to support the change we want to see!

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