Monday, July 25, 2011

Where Are All the Sistas with Voices????

Where are they? Stuck in the 90's, along with r&b music that was about more than just about popping bottles of champagne or yellow model chicks. The musical genre evolved over the course of the decade, beginning with new jack swing, while continuing to merge with hip hop and then ending with the explosion of neo-soul. I yearn for the days when r&b was more fresh and soulful. But that's not all. I am also missing girl groups. Sure there were incredible male groups from Jodeci to Mint Condition to 112, but here at sisterescape, ladies come first.

So for this Throwback Tuesday, I am going to feature just five songs from some of the best female groups of the 90's. Tell me if you approve of my selection. 

Although my favorite song by SWV was "Right There," I chose this because I know some of y'all forgot about this one. Since we're talking about sistas who were the shit in the 90's, I have to give props to Missy Elliot. She's one of the most talented and important in hip hop history.

Okay, this IS my favorite song by them.

Its okay if you all don't know this song by them, but Total was the go-to group for rappers who wanted a guaranteed hit. I could have chosen "Can't You See" or "Tell Me What You Want from Me" but this song was a sleeper.

Okay, 702 didn't have as many hits as the aforementioned groups but this song is featured on the 90's soundtrack so I had to include them.

Of course I had to include TLC. It would not have been a legitimate post if I didn't. This is my favorite girl group and this is my favorite song by them. R.I.P. Left Eye, you were an amazing talent with a vibrant spirit.

I hope my selection was enjoyable but I already know some of you are shaking your head while thinking, how in the hell could she forget____. So tell me, who would you have chosen?

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