Friday, August 12, 2011

Baby I Need Some Motivation

 Well, not that kind of motivation.

A few months ago, you all learned about my journey as a writer. Since then, my poetry has been heard at a few open mics and has received a fair amount of positive feedback. With the support of friends and fellow writers, new ideas that were once scarce, began to flourish. My confidence began to grow as I entered this new chapter in my life.

However, it is still a struggle for to produce. The time spent on perusing blogs and watching Law and Order marathons, could instead be used to write Broadway's next big tragicomedy. The only time I write is when I'm on the train and that is usually to avoid the crazy mothaf*ckas surrounding me. I am lacking discipline. I need a Catholic nun to strike me on the knuckles with a ruler when I'm downloading music when I could instead be writing.

Writing is not easy. It can be very lonely and at times, very aggravating. While working on something, I read it back to myself and think "God, this is terrible." Maybe my confidence is needed more during the writing process and not just when I have something finished. There is a lot I want to share with the word, hence this blog and my frequently updated facebook statuses. What a shame it would be for my talent to waste away by just a lack of motivation.

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