Wednesday, September 7, 2011

When Love Calls

This entry of Throwback Tuesdays! is going to be a little different from the rest. I usually do profiles of songs of artists I am already familiar with. And although I am pretty well versed with rhythm and blues of the 80's, I've found myself only recently getting acquainted with music from Atlantic Starr. So this Throwback is potentially a learning experience for us all.

I know this song, and apparently a few of their hits but never connected this songs with the artist. They were a solid R&B band, hailing from White Plains, NY. 'Secret Lovers' was their biggest crossover hit that ironically slowed down their career. Previously, they were already successful but confined within the soul music circuit, scoring a string of hits including "Touch a Four Leaf Clover", "Stand Up" and "Circles."
Their style was mostly typical of music of that era but the band's artistry was better than average. You can hear the slight funk influences from the previous decade in the bass guitar but their sound was more smooth, pairing perfectly with their lyrics of love.
T'his is my favorite song by them. I'm guessing they intentionally sought to expand their audience with 'Secret Lovers' but they should have stuck with their earlier style of music. Of course it is easy to say that in hindsight, but when fans are devoted to you, your music is already established. This happens to a lot of artists, but for some switching the style up has worked for them. Look at Mariah. With 'Vision of Love' she was straight sangin' but ten years later, she was parading around in a leotard, singing about butterflies and shit while sounding like a slutty toddler. *shrugs

So what do you guys think? Did Atlantic Starr's career fade away because of natural causes or was it their shift in style?? Maybe we have to wait for their 'UnSung' episode to find out.

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