Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Why I Hate Chris Brown

This post may seem passé but I was inspired by his appearance on last night's BET Hip Hop Awards. He joined Busta Rhymes, Wale, Eminem and other underground rappers on the show's cypher, when artists freestyle in a loosely structured format. It made sense for every other person to be there. But no, the self-centered twat had to participate and ruin what was otherwise a group of artists with a considerable amount of talent.

I hate Chris Brown. For the last two years, I cringe every time that fool appears on my TV screen or in a blog I'm reading. When I hear that god awful song "Look At Me Now" I get the sudden urge to punch a baby. And here is why.

1. His music sucks

Even before "The Incident," I never was fond of his music. His affinity for redundant wordings in his songs like Run It and Kiss Kiss was annoying, not catchy. It doesn't help that his singing voice-like his character- is weak and whiny. "Oooo but he can dance though!" But so can 4 or 5 black dudes in da club! Point is, he ain't that special and should have never been famous in the first place.

2. He beat the shit out of a woman

Y'all remember this?? Because most of these bamas act as if this didn't happen. He left her with contusions to the face and bite marks on her body. Chris Brown witnessed a fair share domestic violence when he was younger and claims that it traumatized him. I sympathize with what he's gone through but that doesn't negate the severity of his crime.

He physically assaulted a woman. A lot of people like to say we really don't know what happened that night. Sure she might have hit him. She may have even instigated the quarrel. If true, she was definitely wrong but his wrong is worse than her wrong. Why the double standard? Because no matter how hard a woman tries to hit a man, 9 times out of 10, a man will be able to hit a woman a lot harder thus causing her much more harm. Anatomy 101. We may not know all of the details, but we do know that Rihanna walked away with a fucked up face while Chris Brown just walked away.

3. His apology/ recovery was a crock of shit

What recovery? You mean like when he spazzes out every time somebody mentions "The Incident" as if it isn't that big of a deal? Oh yes, Chris. The media is the bad guy for capturing your tomfoolery in action. You sir, are certainly the victim. How awful it was for your career to take a hit after you BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF A WOMAN. I have the same amount of sympathy for you that I do for sex offenders who can't go to playgrounds anymore. Poor souls.

Sure he apologized many times but for those like me who take domestic violence seriously, words don't mean a thing if your actions tell a different story. I'm appalled by his constant attempts to sweep "The Incident" under the carpet because, you know, it happened so long ago. A real man would talk about it openly and honestly. How can you fully heal from your crime if you actively try to forget it ever happened? How well did you recover if you got so angry after a TV host questioned you about it, that you went back stage and trashed the dressing room?

You should learn a thing or two from political activist/ writer Kevin Powell. He has admitted to assaulting or threatening at least four women in his past. Since then, he has spoken extensively on domestic violence, detailing how he sought recovery from his turbulent past. Since then, the self-described feminist has become an ally to women and girls while fighting on behalf of women's issues. Making songs about "yellow model chicks" who "accidentally slip and fall on [your] dick" is not the way, my dude.

4. The existence of Team Breezy

Well this is simple. If there were no Breezy, there would be no Team Breezy. His fans are part of a bigger problem in our community. Nobody really gives a damn about women. Point black period. It's why the black community pushes engendered issues aside. It's why bum ass people in Topeka, KS are repealing domestic violence laws and shit. His fans along with members of the pop music establishment have rallied around Chris Brown, deciding that he has suffered too much and that now is high time we support him.

Black people have not forgiven Don Imus for "nappy headed hos" or that Kramer dude for calling us a bunch of niggers. Yet we were quick to embrace Chris Brown with forgiveness even though he has proven himself to have the emotional maturity and intellectual capacity of a 5 year old. Hell, some didn't even forgive him because they never were mad at him! I've been saying this for some time but I swear by this. If Chris Brown looked like that dude from the Green Mile, he would be making a living selling shea butter and oils on Fulton Street.

His fans are shallow and, generally speaking, are not that supportive of women, most of this likely due to the fact that they are between the ages of 11-19. Chris Brown is likely to remain coasting, unaffected by his past crimes because there is no pressure for him to better himself. He will remain an imbecile prone to violence because he does a bunch of cool dance moves on stage. Ladies will get all weak in the knees when he sings about his head game while forgetting the fact that he might one day get mad and go all Ike Turner on your ass.

And that is why I hate him.


  1. I don't like his ass either. I don't like how women have been commenting on blogs to "leave their boo" alone. I don't like his lack of accountability. I don't like how video vixens have a reputation for life whereas he had a reputation for a minute. I don't like how his actions "made him human" and Rihanna is vilified.

    But as a feminist, we're not going to achieve equality if we permit double standards. Of course his hits will leave more damage but women don't have the right to hit men. No punching his back, no slapping his face, no throwing things. Sadly, if a man was to do any of those things to a woman, and she kicked his ass, we'd cheer. And if Chris Brown was being hit by Rihanna and decided to press charges after getting away, I wonder how serious he'd be taken without visible bruises. If a jury would convict.

    Those are things I wonder.

  2. Chris Brown is the shit.
    He's sexy and talented.
    So fuck you if you think differently.
    I love chris brown!


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