Friday, December 16, 2011

Web Junk of the Week 2

Hey folks, Happy Friday.

This is my second installment of web junk of the week and I'm here to deliver both humor and slightly revolting material. No worries, safe for work folks, well maybe a little. But make sure you won't disturb your coworkers by laughing, because you might find some of these laugh out of your seat funny.

1. The first one was a video my friend Eun sent me. I was sliding down in my seat from laughing so hard and my coworkers had to ask me if I was okay. The following clip is from a Japanese Prank Show and it is HILARIOUS.

2. Now I hope you aren't eating anything, because you have probably already dropped it from laughing so hard  and now you've probably spat it out after seeing this picture.

This particular lady has the Guinness World Record for living woman with tiniest waist (15 inches). The tiniest waste is actually 13 inches and I am totally grossed out and stumped as to how these women where/are still alive.

3. Okay, back to humor. I have found this site The Meta Picture, thanks to my friend Alex, and have been addicted ever since. The memes are hilarious and I find myself constantly sharing and resharing with my friends. So I just had to get you all in on the action. I couldn't post all the pictures since there seems to be a glitch/or I'm not allowed to link to the picture. But here is an example of the pure awesomeness:

Okay, you get the picture. I could go on and on with some of the most fantastic and hilarious memes on the internet. But I suggest you spend a good hour or so going through the site yourself. Especially if your in finals mode. Thank me later.

Got any good web junk you've seen lately? Feel free to shoot it my way at I love finding new things to keep me laughing.

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