Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Airport Etiquette

There are some really annoying and inconsiderate people in this world. The kind of people who get the side-eye when you really just want to punch them in the face.

I've just returned from vacationing in the south (North Cackalacky and Georgia) and just had to blog about the annoying people and things I observed while traveling.

Now my transportation of choice was flying. I really enjoy flying and wish I could do it more often. But times are hard and I've yet to find a money tree. Now when flying is your choice of transportation, you see many people and many situations. And in my travels I've seen many things that just annoy the hell out of me. And I figure I can't be the only one who's peeved by these situations.

So here's my list of: annoying people and things people do when flying:

1. People who take up 3 seats lying down in the waiting area.

Okay, I maybe could understand if the weather is terrible outside and flights have been delayed hours. Maybe. But it's just being an asshole to take 3 whole seats so that you can stretch out and sleep while everyone else is stuck standing up. Assholes.

2. Women who wear heels and then struggle with their carry-on luggage because of them.

Now I love a mean shoe and I would love to wear heels more often. If only my friends were taller. But when you see a chick wearing 4 inch killer shoes, the kind chick should reserve for the club, and struggling to roll her bag or carry around her stuff because she can barely walk in said heels, it's both funny and annoying. They're trying to look cute but look extra stupid. Step ya game up ladies. Literally.

3. People sitting in front of you on the plane who put their seat back without asking you.

Boy how I wish this would happen to me while my head is down in my bag, I get a concussion, and then sue the mess out of that person.

These people annoy me badly because I am tall, so my knees are already struggling with the tiny leg space they give you. And then people don't even ask or look behind them and just put the seat back. And if they bang it back, well I've seen people killed for less.

4. People who board ahead of the class they have.

You know those people. You're at the gate waiting with everyone else to get on the plane. The flights full and everyone has a carry-on and personal item. You're seating towards the middle or front and are a bit worried that you won't be find space for your bag. But as it gets closer to boarding your class your worry lessens. You happen to glance over at the person to your right's boarding pass and see class 7 listed. They have a large carry-on and a suitcase, but that doesn't matter because you're class 5. But low and behold, when your class is called, they are at the front of the line. Now not only are they possibly taking that overhead of space that should have been yours, but they're going to hold up boarding because they're seated towards the front and everyone behind them has to wait to get past them. Assholes, the whole lot of them.

5. People who stand on the left side of escalators and moving walkways.

These people deserve to be kicked in the back. I see these people as some of the most inconsiderate in the world. They might not have a flight for another 4 hours but that doesn't mean your not running to your connecting flight because your first plane was late. Stand to the right people. The right! It's not hard. You can still look back and talk to your friend. And then they have the nerve to look at you crazy if you try to get past them. Make you want to smack a bitch.

Well that's my list. You guys and gals have any others to add?

AN: So I actually went through the full body scan in North Cackalacky. I don't see what all the hooplah is about. I didn't even notice it was a full body scan until I had to stand in it. So dude may have gotten a good look at my lady bits. I'll never see dude again and would rather be safe on a plane than not. What's your take on the full body scan? 

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