Thursday, June 2, 2011

Racist Bullshackle.


I am Black and therefore I experience and am subject to racist bullshit. For my fellow tinted people, I want to know how you deal with racist shit? How do you respond?

As we members know, there are many many many different forms of racism. Ranging from just straight up, no chaser, ‘you said what,’ to the ‘hmm I guess that girl from camp was focked up.’ The point is, we’ve all experienced it—even if you don’t want to admit it.

For example…yes, it’s story time. Here I am, in a sun dress a la Forever 21, black leggings, and beautiful all leather brown boots [BAM] walking down a major street in the city I live in. I mean you can imagine the soundtrack. I see this older white lady staring at me with a scowl on her face sitting in a parked car. So, I look right back atta!

As I walk by, the next thing I know, I hear the ‘clunk’ of her locking her ugly-ass-I-neva-get-laid-by-my-husband dark blue minivan. Oh hellz naw! And yes, it was personal.

Now, I’m quick to hair flip passive aggressive racism b/c I’ve been through enough PWI’s to write a manual on it, so it doesn’t surprise me that much. But this- really though?

Needless to say it bothered me. I called my wonderful Daddy [yes, I still call him Daddy and no, I don’t call ANY OTHER man that name] to tell him what happened. And he told me, ‘Welcome to the Club.’

Then I thought this type of shit must happen to other ppl, including white folk. What about the cat w. the skull and crossbones tattoed on his arm, or the transgendered person? I know that Blackness is especially criminalized so I will skip the history lesson. But my point is- there are many non-normative groups out there who are also met with suspicion from random uptight cumwads—if you’re don't fit into normative America and you experience discrimination from passersby, how do you deal?

*How STUPID is that image?! hahahha!

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