Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Another Birthday Shout-Out

Now, I tend to try to leave all the music related things to my lil sis Le Chele. But as she mentioned before, I am definitely a music head, so I couldn't let this opportunity pass by. That being said, I have to give a birthday shout out to probably the most hated (cause there are too many jealous people in the world) producer, rapper, and artist in hip hop.


Why is he so hated? Maybe cause he don't give a flying fuzz about what others have to say about his rap game. Maybe its' because he can rock things like this and get away with it. It could still be because of Taylor Swift don't understand why she's so popular.  It might also be because he done messed with some of the baddest (depending on who you ask) girls in the game (Amber Rose, Selita Ebanks, and Kim K. to name a few). Or it could be because of this:
I remember falling out laughing when I saw this still do. Now this was ballzy and so like Kanye West. He pulled no punches and told it like it is, and I appreciated that.

Now maybe his lyrics aren't always the most appropriate and come off misogynistic I will still bang to them, sue me.  But you can't hate on his game. He is undoubtedly one of the most talented producers and artists of my generation. He can do something like this one of my favorite songs from him:

Kanye West throw some D's remix by superyanel
and then do something like this (another favorite):

He is one of my favorites and I will still argue that I loved 808s and Heartbreak. It is what it is. You can hate all you want, but dude has balls and the talent to back it up. So imma take a lil sip from my cup (yall need to get up on the E&J) and send out a cheers to Kanye West.


AN: He can still get it. Yeah I said it!

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