Saturday, August 27, 2011

Come On Irene

Greetings, my people. I haven't posted in a MINUTE. Forgive me. I started a new job, did some traveling, and moved to a new location!

If you're like me and not sure what to do during this 24 hr hurricane, then maybe this list of to-do's will help you out.

1. Try/Pretend to Make Babies.

Self explanatory...

2. Get on the phone!

Catch up with an old friend or two. I mean seriously, NO ONE is busy! Everyone is cloistered in their house without shit to do... so chat the night away.

3. Clean Yo' House.
This way you can get it ready for any post-Irene parties you'd like to host.

4. Spa-at-Home Day
I LOVE rain because I love water. To me, it symbolizes renewal and purity. So all of this rain really makes me want to give myself a wonderful, deep cleasning facial using my favorite Bentonite clay. I might even throw in a pedi in there!

5. Learn How to Meditate
The sound of pounding rain can provide the perfect soundtrack to an afternoon spent in meditation. I wish I could meditate better, so when I find a quiet moment I try it out. It's something that takes a lot of practice, so dont be discouraged if it doesn't feel 'right' on the first try.

What have I been doing today?
OH, you know, the usual. Made some Kraft Mac N cheese (throw a lil cayenne pepper + yumm), made some oatmeal + raisin + almond cookies* and found a bottle of red wine. YUM. OH and did I mention that 'Good Times' is on right now. Phst, grrrl I'm set!

How did you spend your Irene induced lock down?

*I found the recipe from Smitten Kitchen's site. I basically cut the ingredients in half b/c I'm just baking for myself. Oh, and I added almonds. CAUTION: If you use white instead of brown sugar then your cookies will not get brown on the top. Keep this in mind when they are baking so that you don't wait for them to brown and end up burning your cookies!

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