Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why I saw Red Tails AND Pariah

Hola Folks...sorry about the absence...nah mean?

Over the past few days I splurged and saw TWO movies (bc yes... in the city I live in going to see a movie in theaters is 'spencive) . And boy, was it worth it.

The first was Red Tails. I walked into the theater secretly expecting to be offended but I walked out of this film feeling relaxed and even mildly entertained. Sure, for some Red Tails was whack and did not really explore the extent of the racial tensions our heroes had to face. Yea, the movie could have done more in that department... but it's George Lucas... IF we really care so much we should make our own reenactment. Don't complain about the funding ... look at all the low-budget but effective, accurate and informational videos out there. Like this one, for example, that highlights the life of Ms. Oney Judge.

I went to see the film not to 'learn' and not to prove to white hollywood that black folks watch movies, I went because I wanted to be entertained.

Now, Pariah. If you have not yet seen this film... what are you waiting for? It was SOOO good. No really. SO good. Oh wow....
The film is a coming of age story about a black lesbian from a middle class family in Brooklyn. I saw this film to support this narrative. Pariah is a movie about a hero. Yes, a hero. For a young, black woman, with very little social support to come out to her family and friends as a lesbian is a heroic act. She is marginalized and routinely harassed by strangers and those who are closest to her but she does not cower. She stands firm to who she is in face of all these challenges.* We should always applaud that.

If you haven't heard of it... you can check out the preview here.

* I'm not saying that every gay person who is NOT out is not a hero. I realize that it is a complicated and multi-faceted issue. Nonethless, being out and gay is a difficult process and

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