Saturday, May 14, 2011

Let's Work it Out!

One of my favorite songs is the The New Workout Plan by Kanye West. It not only cemented Kanye as one of my favorite artists, but also served as a true motivator for getting me to work out. It has served as a constant reminder that I need to get off my lazy butt and workout (as it comes on my itunes quite often and it makes a perfect work out station on pandora), and it has spoken to the age old not-so-secret quest of marrying for money that many women jokingly (guilty!) say is their fallback plan [1]. Listening to this song actually made me really think about myself and why I workout (when I’m actually not lazy, which is happening more often, thankfully).

In the past I would have bouts of working out for two weeks straight because I wanted to impress that guy I liked, or because my father’s illness (the sugar) was in the forefront of my mind, or I needed to fit into those really cute pair of jeans I bought online and just couldn’t bear to send back [2]. More recently I decided it was time to head to my doctor’s nutritionist (thank God for healthcare!!) and really set out a plan [3]. She set me off with a goal of eating just 1500- 2000 calories a day. I never realized just how difficult it is the actually maintain that level. Talk about a wakeup call. We also set out a workout plan where I focused on lifting weights and slowly but surely adding cardio into the mix.

If my sims can do it, I can do it to.

I’m happy to say it’s been 2 months and I’m still going strong. At the beginning I focused on lifting weights and realized just how much I loved it. This has been my first time bench pressing and I wish I had started before. I bought a pilates set back in the summer and finally started using it. I’ve even added an average of 20 mins of speed walking on the treadmill. Yet there are just days were I look at the gym equipment and can’t bring myself to do anything.

So I wonder. What gets you guys and gals motivated to work out?

It definitely pays to have a gym in the basement, or else I wouldn’t be bothered to workout. I definitely can go for days and even a full week without even lifting a weight. And when I get back to working out I wish I hadn’t taken that break, since it’s like I’m starting from the beginning again. But I reflected and realized that I’ve definitely matured and my motivations have changed as well. Yes I still want to go down some sizes in the clothes I wear, and with a history of heart disease and the sugar in my family- health is key, but I also just want to feel good. I like having energy after my workouts and I like eating what I want. I also like the definition in my arms and legs.

They say having a support system is key to maintaining a good work out plan. My family has been somewhat supportive with eating healthier and getting my younger siblings to work out (if only I could get my parents to do it too!). And it’s helpful when friends engage you about your fitness and even talk about their own successes and struggles (I’m looking at you lemonswithsalt).

But it’s a journey and one I hope you all won’t mind being a part of. I hope I can use this blog as another support system.

What are some of your struggles and successes? What specific workouts get you going? Any tips?

Spread the love y’all.

[1] Come one now. I’m not the only one who wouldn’t mind marrying rich. I actually wouldn’t even mind being a housewife. (Yeah I said it.) Is that my goal in life? Nah, but it would be nice. 
[2] For those of you not acclimated to African American slang, “the sugar” is another term for diabetes.
[3] Props to the government Obama for allowing parents to have their adult kids as dependents. Times are hard ya dig? 

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