Saturday, May 14, 2011

Trials and Tribulations of Living in a mutha-effin' Blizzard**

My peoples. I had another beautiful day, praise be to God. word.

I chatted it up with some black women at the flea market, I supported three black-owned businesses and I experienced a sense of community and calm.

Why is this important?
Well, when I got back to where I stay in this city I was kicked back into reality and was reminded that I live in a blizzard. whomp. whomp. whomp.

What's the issue?/Que pasooo, mami?
Well, [Antoine Dodson voice], I had just picked up some delicious Liberian food. You read right my friend~ I stopped by a local joint and got some juicy + crunch fried fish, ripe fried plantains and some "ekchecku " [I don't actually remember what it was called]. I bounced back into the house with glee when I realized that my food would go great with the ice cold Malta in my fridge. I gathered my things and sat down to dig in!

I was drooling in satisfaction and reveling in the glory of the Black Diaspora. I, an American black woman with roots in the Caribbean, was eating food in the Northeastern US made by people from West Africa. Woweee.

I felt centered and content. Then, in came the blizzard and my warm glow was, temporarily, covered in snow and confusion.

In she comes, 'It smells weird in here,' she says with disdain. Her boyfriend replies,' no it doesn't. It's Zippy's food. It smells good.' His tone is pleading as if he's trying to prevent any potential backfire from me. I hear everything and just chose to ignore it and focused on my edible pleasures. This bitch, however, repeated that it 'smells funny in the house'. At this point, I hair flipped and kept munchin'.

Now, before you go singing homeboy's praises... watch out. He starts talking to some other people in the house about the local baseball team's change of uniform. Below is the exchange among them:

Boy A: Did you see the uniforms that Z from X team was wearing last night?
Boy B: Oh, yea. What was up with that?
Boy A: I think it was like for Civil Right's Awareness day (*side note-- only 25-20's come up w. that stupid shit. A DAY? ...really? just one day...)
Boy C: No it wasn't. It was for XYZ, the guy who was in the uniform just happened to be black. It didn't have to do wit the Civil Rights movement-- the two aren't always related.
Boy A: Oh... well they have something to do with each other.

Girl, please. It's great that Boy C called Boy A out. But it was still annoying to be the *only* colored anything, other than the furniture, and have to overhear that level of stupidity and conflation.

But, life goes on and so did my chewing. :P


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