Friday, May 13, 2011

Bus X to Anywhere

My people. My people. I want to share one of the more intimate details of my personal life. No, no, this post has nothing to do with my personal array of postcards and natural hair conditioners, but instead is about how I de-clutter my mind. It's about how I remind myself of all the beauty and joy in the world.

This simple pleasure is not in the form of a joint, it's not at the bottom of a glass of E.J + cold Malta, it's just comes from riding the bus.

You read right, I LOVE public transportation and opt for the bus whenever possible. I know that for some of you who live in other [read:crap] cities, riding the bus is akin to using your cat as a lint brush. And that sucks, but hey, the bus is one of my closest friends. Not one bus in particular, any in transit bus will do!

What type of bus am I talking about?
Buses in Black neighborhoods... only. Not hatin' just appreciatin'. Beacuse there's nothing like being on the bus with a FUNKY smell and have a black woman, who does not give a damn, come on and loudly declare/ask, 'Who is fryin' chitlins? Woooooweee!'

Why else?
I love it when older, slightly overweight Black folk get on the bus and eye the seat with a hunger and thirst in their eyes for 5 minutes beore actually just sitting in it. And once, they have parked their derrier in the shiny plastic blue seat, they heave a sigh of deep relief and satisfaction. I love to watch people appreciate the little glories of life.

Still not convinced that the bus is where it's at huh?

Ok ok. Fair. Here's another reason-- you can find community on the bus.
Here's an example; I see countless young, black women traveling with their toddlers whenever I am on the bus. And when the toddler finally gets on, they usually make a mad dash to the back of the vehicle while Mom tries to gather her things and pay her fare. In this moment, the bus' passengers can a. continue to mind their own business or b. stop the child from falling flat on their foolish, yet adorable, little faces. I've only seen b. happen and I am grateful for it. For 30 seconds that toddler becomes the bus' collective child and we all look out for him or her.

I don't know about you, but that warms my heart keeps me getting on the bus.

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