Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Day I Showed Skin

I love my body. I love clothes. However, like virtually all women, I don't always like how my body looks in clothes. There is nothing particularly profound in this. Women's bodies are diverse causing certain clothing to appear differently from one person to the next. The lady who can rock the hell out of skinny jeans may look bulky and awkward in a pencil skirt. It's the way of the world.

Yesterday, I realized that I was opening a new chapter of my life. Matching my slowly fading purple jeans, I wore a black jersey top with embroidering in purple, blue and red. However, it wasn't the bogus pattern that caught the attention of my boyfriend and honoree Sis, Miss All Ass. The uneven bottom edge of my shirt never met my jeans, revealing my bottom torso. Not at all tight, the shirt also slouched, leaving my left shoulder exposed. My skin was out!

I always enjoyed playing dress up but was always dressed modestly. My tops were never cut really deep and I only wore skirts with stockings. Belly shirts??? Girl please! I could never.

That is until yesterday. Yesterday I stepped out with my skin out and you know what? It feel good. I used to despise summer clothes because they were typically revealing. It was a hassle to try covering up my chest and shoulder acne with thick make up. I'm slender but without a perfectly flat stomach, I considered loosely fit shirts a better look for me. But the top I wore yesterday showed my imperfections and I did not feel at all uncomfortable. When Talib Kweli told us to put our hands in the air, and my shirt then raised leaving all of my midriff exposed, my friends did not care. And so didn't I.

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