Monday, June 20, 2011

The Second Time Around... sometimes better than the first time*!

This is a very special edition of Throwback Tuesdays! This installment features one of the best remakes of an already great song/British nursery rhyme, "Georgy Porgy,' a classic from American rock band Toto featuring Cheryl Lynn.

Soulful, ain't it? That's that blue-eyed soul for ya! I'm not at all familiar with Toto's music but I understand that their music delved into jazz and funk, both elements being featured in 'Georgy Porgy.' Disco and r&b star Cheryl Lynn also did her thing by showing off the power pipes she is known for.

Twenty years later, my lover, neo-soul icon Eric Benet teamed up with Faith Evans to do their own rendition of Toto and Cheryl Lynn's hit.

Remakes are hard to judge. Sometimes a classic is so incredible that it is offensive to touch it, the quality of the remake is irrelevant. Then there are other times when the original is better but you feel badly because the remake was a good song as well but just couldn't hold up.

However, I believe this is one of the rare instances when the cover is doper than the original. Unlike Toto and Cheryl Lynn, the Benet and Faith have chemistry together, giving the song an energy it really didn't have before.

So what do you think music people? Who did it better?

*A Shalamar Throwback is coming very soon. Very, very soon.

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