Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Please T.E.V.I.N. Comeback!!!

This is the second straight post celebrating music from the 90's. Perhaps it is the nostalgia from Teen Nick's new lineup featuring some of the decade's best programming. Or maybe it is the dire state of the current economy, especially in light of the shitty debt deal that recently passed. But I would love to spin around rapidly in place, magically disappear in thin air and then discover myself fifteen years younger rocking pigtails and neon sweatsuits while jamming to my first crush ever, Tevin Campbell.

He was one of the hottest acts of the New Jack Swing era and had a voice that made you second his youthful age. How fortunate Tevin was to first be introduced to the world in 1989 with the hit song "Tomorrow (A Better You Better Me)" and then teamed up with Prince (OMG Prince!!) to record "Round and Round" which was a one of the leading singles from the Graffiti Bridge soundtrack. His first LP entitled T.E.V.I.N. dropped two years later, cementing Tevin's role a major player in contemporary r&b.

I have vivid memories rehearsing the lyrics and signing for "One Song" for my class' performance for our second grade graduation. Of course, his innocent demeanor and playful lyrics were acknowledged by listeners but he also had a knack for producing quality music. His second album I'm Ready, garnered Tevin another slew of hits including the title track, "Can We Talk" and "Always in My Heart." Unfortunately, his next two follow ups didn't get much traction, leaving his music career fizzled out. Tevin got a couple of gigs and was featured on a couple of television shows in the 90's but got his big break on Broadway when he joined the cast of Hairspray in December of 2005.

We are stuck with a generation of unimaginative, narcissists who can't hardly hum for r&b singers. We need your music's soulful swing. We need your beautiful falsetto. Point is, Tevin, we need you. The game needs you. So please, comeback!!!

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