Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Why Yelp Works.

There have been plenty of articles since it's inception which detail the faults, evil genius, marketability, problems, and perfections which encompass the scope that makes Yelp what it is. Many tend to constantly point out the faults and problems, which usually come from their own failed experiences with the website. Some just appear to dislike the reviewers and reviews themselves. And there seems to be no end to journalists critiquing reviewers for their "uselessness". There is even a tumbler dedicated to posted reviews it identifies as "douchebaggery". And let's not forget the growing market for businesses helping other business deal with bad Yelp reviews:  

How To Handle A Bad Review On Yelp? by marlonbaugh1

Sure I've seen the annoying spammers who ruin the experience for some and create fodder for funny Yelp talk discussions for others. And I've also gone to some Yelp high starred places and had mediocre/bad experiences, but I wouldn't necessarily blame Yelp or the Yelpers for that.

My experience with Yelp has by far been way more pluses than minuses. I admit that I am a bit biased since I have become a Yelp elite, but even before I could fathom being in the in-crowd, I loved what Yelp had to offer. It was a place where I could write. I had, once upon a time, a blog which I had started with high hopes of actually doing something with. But I got caught up with college and my blog suffered as a result. But then I found myself unemployed, out of college, and needing an outlet other than hanging out at home watching Korean dramas. And there was Yelp. I loved to party, go out, and hang with my friends- and though I had only used the site to see reviews on businesses I planned to visit, I found myself wanting to write about my experiences. 

This was a definite after my ridiculous run-in with Vango. I had had such a bad experience that I just needed to let everyone else know and hopefully help save someone else's night. And using Yelp has definitely made my night many times and also saved me from sure disasters. 

I've found some fantastic restaurants and have some really great experiences because of Yelp. Since I've become elite I've even been able to meet some other fellow Yelpers and they are extremely awesome. Extremely. They welcomed me with open arms and I have had the pleasure of throwing down on the dance floor with some seriously fun people, eating delicious food, and boozing with people who I hope to be like when I grow up. And boy do we Yelpers booze. Be jealous. 

Businesses often offer Yelp deals and you can sometimes even swing with some freebies.  Yelp, in my opinion, is good for business. Shoot, they've got me feeding my hard earned money back into the economy as often as I can. And I rarely regret a penny lost or moment spent out. I've met some fantastic fellow Yelpers and experienced some bangin' food and drink. I have become a real foodie and I thank Yelp for the extra push. 

So how do you feel about Yelp? Do you Yelp or do you know someone that does? Have any good or bad experiences with it? 
Speak on it.

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