Monday, October 3, 2011

It's a New Dawn, a New Day, a New Time!

What's good folks?

I'm writing with childish excitement because today was a wonderful day in the [black woman] neighborhood.

Anyway, I was on and I read this article by that dude who did all those Allspice commercials. The post is about him not liking nappy hair and preferring women w. good hair. * blank stare * I was SO pleased w. the comments because every single one of them gave this dude the shrug. The 'Yes and...' shrug you get at the DMV, the 'and so what?' shrug...the ultimate...shrug:

This matters to me because I want to see more (black) women develop the self-confidence to shrug off people who don't find them attractive. And I think this should go vice versa. Short dudes, you know I love you riiiight?, if a lady clowns you, shrug her!

Do you shrug when you hear someone does not like nappy hair? Do you feel that Black women have become more self-confident over the past few years, especially with the ubiquity of natural hair?

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