Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Because I am a Queen!

This is dedicated to black women all over the world who are comfortable with their true essence. You got ninjas from Old Spice commercials and certain hairstylists dissing nappy hair. Even pseudo-pyschologists come up with bullshit science to prove our ugliness. Whatever! We stay fly!

India Arie is a phenomenal artist who's career should have flourished more. I enjoy much of her music, but decided to focus my attention on her breakthrough single for political and personal reasons. Most people appreciate "Video" for its uplifting message, one that says that we should embrace all characteristics of our beauty, including the quirks. Plenty of songs have been dedicated to our beauty but few have come from the perspective of a sister herself. This is worth noting because it allows us to define exactly what about ourselves is beautiful.

I've shared my past struggles with how I looked. Too often do young sisters like myself rely on others (re: men) for sense of self. This song was recorded over ten years ago but is just as relevant today as it was then especially inn a time where lacefronts are running a muck and Nicki Minaj is emblematic of what is desirable for many engaged in pop culture.India Arie did something amazing when she said to us, I will dictate what is beautiful about me. Of course she should! She's a Queen, after all.

*The numerous links are a celebration of the milestone we made with this blog and the incredible growth my fellow sisters and I have made over time.

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