Thursday, October 6, 2011

The [Other] C-Word

Greetings Homie,

Well, I'm gonna keep it real and let you all know that I am currently on a boy-break/celibate. That means I am putting my dating life on hold! Not to say that it was poppin' off the charts, but I did have some options. Nevertheless, I'm taking myself off the 'market.'
Why... am I choosing to go dry(er).

It's simple. I need a fucking hobby. That's right, a hobby. You remember what that is, right? It's what we made up/embellished on our college applications to look well-rounded. Well back then I didn't really appreciate what the hobby could do for a person's soul etc.

Let me school you on the importance of having a hobby (and yes, I'm going to use that word as much as possible to drill it into your brain!).

What your hobby can do for you:

1. Meet like-minded people.
For some reason I find that a lot of folk meet their friends at work, through people they are or have dated OR they simply grew up with them. All good reasons and what not, but I like to branch out. And as you grow older your interest etc. change and sometimes it's nice to embrace change with a new set of people. For example, I'm into homemaking + so I plan to attend homemaking events in my city i.e. sewing/embroidery classes and what not.

2. New Dick.
Sometimes when you are just enjoying life and going with spur of the moment interests you meet someone who can really knock your socks off. Has anyone had this experience?

3. Self-Discovery.
I have a type-A personality and so I try to be a little more type-B. I try to go with the flow more, just let things be and generally not be so damn uptight. Starting a new hobby is a great way for me to experience personal growth because I have to kind of let go and adapt to a new method of doing something. For example, I LOVE to make Indian food and Chinese food. Now here's the thing: even though it's technically just cooking both of these cuisines require different methods.

In essence, I"m taking a boy-break to learn more about myself and give myself more time to just BE ME. To be my authentic self and not, I want to look cute so that some dude will take me out to eat etc... Is anyone else just doing them right now, and playing it easy?

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