Sunday, May 15, 2011

My How Time Flies...

My how time does fly. This time last year I was the one walking across the stage, but now many of my friends have entered a new era in their lives. I can recall hanging with many of these graduates in my apartment, having them over for parties, eating dinner in the city, partying hard on the weekends, or just seeing them around campus. I remember a select group of 2011ers walking up the path way to their first college housing experience where I was to be their customs person.  

It's crazy that those four years passed by so quickly, but I'm glad to have met so many wonderful new grads, and I can only hope that great things are ahead for all of them/you. I hope you all can start your post graduate journey with both wisdom and optimism, but also a great deal of humility. The economy is tough, so if jobs don't immediately pop up, don't despair. Continue to network and apply, but also take comfort in friends who will listen to you bitch and moan about not being able to find anything. And if you have to settle for a barista job at Starbucks while living at home, realize that this is only a short hurdle that you have to pass over. And hey, you might even own a Starbucks one day. 

Remember to keep in contact with friends (gchat is fantastic!) and let go of those that you need to. Never be too proud to rely on family and always make sure to have fun, even if you're broke (take advantage of free events around town). Don't live life with rose-tinted glasses but always look for that silver lining.

Congratulations graduates. I hope that your future endeavors will be successful. All the best! 

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