Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Throwback Tuesdays!

Aiight, it's no secret that we're music heads over here at SisterEscape. And like my Sis, Fiore Scott, I loves me some classics. This brings us to my installment of Throwback Tuesdays!

Last week, I watched a recording of BET's Unsung featuring Debarge. Apparently their father beat the crap out of them and their mother as well. The abuse ended after Mama Debarge's brothers jumped him after being fed up with their sister and the Debarge children living in turmoil. Despite their hardships at home, various members of the Debarge family left us with classic jams throughout the 80's.

I was surprised to learn that Rhythm of the Night was the only song they made a video for. Debarge showed a lot of promise and certainly had a tremendous amount of talent, but they were never able to overcome their troubled past. All members of the family suffered with drug addiction which their success short. El and Chico were the two most successful of the siblings to go solo. I've been feeling Chico's 2009 album Addiction featuring the song "Slick," a track that metaphorically details his struggles with heroin addiction:

And that y'all has been Throwback Tuesdays! Try to guess what old school artists will be featured in weeks to come.

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