Friday, May 20, 2011

Random Musings

" the righteous live on but the niggas are infinite.'- Binary Star < TRUTH.

Let it be known. I LOVE [old school] hip hop but I am NOT a hip hop head. In other words, I have a deep appreciation for hip hop as an expression of Blackness in the U.S but ask me some trivia and I will stare at your blankly, then smile and blink.

Anyway, as I sit and write a report for work I have been listening to some of my favorite hip hop songs. They are not related or connected by anything other than my appreciation for them. But I will say this, when that bullsh*t comes on the radio I escape into my room and listen to one of these songs (and a couple others) and feel restored + refreshed. Maybe you do/will too.

Here are a few:

Busta Rhymes- Don't Touch Me. The percussion on this is obvious ridiculous but the fact that Busta can match it with his wonderfully expressive and precise Rhymes, make this a song to remember:

Binary Star- Honest Expression. Ok now who doesn't love it when musicians throw in a little Bruce Lee in their song intro? Genius, if you ask me!

Ahmad- Back in the Day. When this song comes on, I raise my glass just a little bit and rock my head from side to side like I'm in a '64 Impala.

NWA- Boyz in the Hood. I LOVE THE INTRO. hahaaa I just love this song.

BIG- I Got A Story To Tell. I hope to never tell a story like this one or even be in a story like this.. sheesh. In any case... here ya go:

Black Star- Astronomy. I mean I love these two for their bodies... I mean artistics abilities. yea... whatever! haha jk, this song is awesome too.

Brand Nubians- Love Me or Leave Me Alone. Sometimes, I swear this is my personal soundtrack. Other days, not so much. Check it out here:

Ok- that's all for now folk-- Toodles!

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