Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stand and Applause

Greetings homies!

First off, I love that it's May b/c it means that strawberries are in season!! Yum-- if you can try to get your hands on organic, local strawberries please do! The taste is OUT OF THIS WORLD.

Over the past few weeks the [Black] media has covered a number of stories focusing on Black men who have experienced sexual abuse. Though this topic is difficult to talk and even think about, it must be discussed. And I am especially happy that prominent men of color are standing up to share their experiences.

I'm not gonna lie- it's rough being a man of color in today's america. I'm not into making identity comparisons on who has it harder than whom, but it is clear that Black & Brown men have a unique set of challenges that set them back. And I think that their perceived hyper masculinity is definitely one of them. Sure, it might be nice that women think you have a huge schlong and know how to hold it down in the bedroom...but that perception has its disadvantages as well.

For example, if people think that you are this macho person then they are less likely to accept your sensitive/emotional side b/c it seems to contradict your masculinity. In other words, one's hyper-masculinity is constructed in opposition to femininity and the assumed weakness that comes along with it. Black men are seen as the 'manliest of men' and so, for them to admit their deep vulnerabilities and pains IN PUBLIC is major. I think its revolutionary.

I am particularly proud of these Black men because they are throwing caution to the wind by frankly speaking about their sexual abuse.

I am thankful for their stories. I hope that their openness will trigger more discussion in our society about the sexual abuse of boys and girls. We need to have this talk and address the [many] sicknesses in our community so that we can heal and blah blah blah.

And with that, let's all scream a collective 'BRAVO" to these brave men.

** I also want to say that it's ok for men/women/colored/notcolored, to talk about these experiences too!

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